Prepare for Pre-Health Advising Appointment

Prior to making an appointment with the pre-health advisor, students should take the following steps:

  • Research the health profession to understand how much additional education is required, the time it will take, and the cost. This information can be found on each graduate program website as well as the official website for the organization.
  • Meet with their academic advisor to have a solid understanding of the university and major graduation requirements. Classes beyond what is required for graduation may be needed for some graduate health programs.
  • Identify their top 10 – 15 graduate health schools that they aim to apply to for admission and get organized. What is the mission of each school? Does it resonate with why you want to enter this profession? What are the admission requirements for each program (coursework, GPA, exam score)? What are the deadlines for admission? Continue to review the website each year to ensure that you are meeting the current admission requirements.
  • After completing the research, make a list of questions to ask the pre-health advisor so the appointment time is being used effectively.