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Dr. Henry Louie teaches power engineering, renewable energy and serves as the departments Senior Design Coordinator. 

Dr. Moser teaches Robotics, C++ Programming, Microprocessor Design and Programmable Devices. And he is a puppeteer!

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Seattle University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department prepares you to excel in a lifelong career that will change the world. Join us now to take your next valuable step in your educational journey and benefit from our small class sizes and personal attention from our award-winning faculty. Our direct admission approach, scholarship support and success with transferring students from a variety of regional and national institutions, means we welcome your dedication and passion. Become an SU ECE student and start transforming science-fiction into science non-fiction.


Two Degree Options

Computer Engineering

Our BS in Computer Engineering degree provides students with the computer hardware and software design skills that can be applied to create advanced robotic platforms, practical Internet of Things applications, and cyber-physical systems.

Electrical Engineering

Our BS is Electrical Engineering degree focuses on digital and analog electronics, data communication, power and control systems.


“The best learning happens when students feel that they belong to community; they are inspired not only to excel, but also to innovate. We create that inclusive, supportive and academically challenging learning environment where personal attention from faculty, mentoring, collaboration and hands-on projects lead our students to reach their potential.”

Agnieszka Miguel, PhD Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Best Undergraduate Engineering Program
Ranked University in the US
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Agnieszka Miguel

Department Chair - BANN 225-02


Gary Fernandes

Lab Manager - BANN 219


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