Computer and Electrical Engineering Careers

Learn about all the places you can advance technology for the common good, ranging from robotics to healthcare to communications.

Explore ECE Careers

As a computer or electrical engineer, you’re uniquely positioned to advance technology for the common good. 

You might design computer software for companies like IBM. Or build the next evolution of drones and robots. You could develop a risk management system for a major financial firm. Or keep vital institutions safe from hackers as a cybersecurity professional. You might protect the planet by uncovering a new clean energy source. You could build the next big must-have video game. Or even design a new way to send astronauts to space.  

Whether your work is grounded in the here and now or in the skies above, you can better our planet and its inhabitants through a meaningful career at/in:  

  • Information technology companies
  • Computer hardware or software companies
  • Research and development institutions
  • Aerospace and defense industries 
  • Automotive industry
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Financial fields
  • Transportation industry
  • Robotics companies
  • Information assurance companies
  • Communication industry
  • Power companies
  • And more