Innovation Lab

Build, share and unleash your creativity at Seattle University's Innovation Lab, where you’ll have access to 3D printing, laser cutters, electronics equipment and other useful equipment for creation.

Engineering is another word for creating. 

Our Innovation Lab serves as a hub where learners and makers can gather, discover shared passions, unleash their creativity, and embark on a journey of exploration and knowledge acquisition.

There, you’ll benefit from state-of-the-art tools that you can use to work on class assignments or personal projects. 

You can build robots, use 3-D printers, create prototypes using our laser cutter, and so much more in this invaluable space where you’ll be supported by faculty and students who are experts in using the equipment now available to you. 

Students can check out training kits, attend workshops highlighting equipment usage, participate in field trips, and more by interacting with our Innovation Lab. 

See below for just a sampling of the resources available to students:  

  • Engineering Training Kits
  • Electronic Soldering Kits
  • Soldering Guides and Training
  • Discrete Electronics and Modules
  • Printed Circuit Board Design Kits
  • Customized printed t-shirts
  • 3D Printing, Laser Cutters, and Arts and Crafts Workshops