Dean's Office

Amit Shukla, Dean

Amit Shukla Deans Office Headshot

Amit Shukla, PhD, is the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering. The CSE is the fastest growing college at Seattle University, with 100 faculty members in eight departments and a student body of more than 1,300 students Dr. Shukla leads the college at a time of major progress in Seattle University’s STEM programs, as the university embraces new institutional partnerships and students explore their potential in the new Center for Science and Innovation.

Dr. Shukla’s career as an academic and administrator has been marked by a commitment to innovation, transparency, collaboration and inclusion. For two decades, he has served in various leadership roles at Miami University, Ohio, with progressively increasing responsibility. He has extensive experience in supporting student success and faculty development, fostering multidisciplinary teaching and research, fundraising, engaging with alumni and forging mutually enriching partnerships with industry.

Before being named chair in 2018, Dr. Shukla was the founding director of the Miami University Center for Assistive Technology, which identifies socially relevant problems and develops engineering solutions by engaging students in interdisciplinary research. He has served and chaired several university committees, providing leadership in such areas as budget planning, college affordability and faculty development.

Mara Rempe, Associate Dean

Mara Rempe 2023

Mara Rempe, PhD is Associate Dean and Associate Teaching Professor in the College of Science and Engineering. Dr. Rempe’s experience includes many roles in student support and pursuit of academic excellence. During her many years in CSE, Dr. Rempe has served on various university and college committees.

Current responsibilities include program review, college assessment, oversight of scheduling and Facilities liaison. She enjoys data driven projects. Committee work continues with service on the college curriculum committees and other ad hoc groups.

Katie Kuder, Associate Dean

Katie Kuder Deans Office

Katie Kuder is Associate Dean and a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the College of Science and Engineering. Dr. Kuder received her B.S. in Civil Engineering from Gonzaga University in 2000. She earned a M.S. (2002) and Ph.D. (2005) in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University, specializing in Structural Engineering and Materials.

Dr. Kuder’s research focuses on the characterization and optimization of cement-based materials, in both the fresh and hardened states, and the development of newly engineered cement-based composites that can be tailored for specific applications, with an emphasis on sustainability. She is currently investigating the use of recycled concrete aggregate as a replacement for virgin aggregate. She is also working on developing a methodology to 3D print cementitious materials for rapid construction. 

Jenny Loertscher, Associate Dean

Jenny Loertscher, PhD, is a Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs in the College of Science and Engineering. Dr. Loertscher is committed to providing all students an excellent educational experience through supporting engaging research programs, promoting high impact teaching practices, fostering interdisciplinary communities of scholars, and facilitating meaningful professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.

Dr. Loertscher is a national leader in STEM education and is co-author of a book of guided inquiry activities for use in biochemistry classrooms. She has facilitated dozens of faculty development workshops aimed at improving teaching and learning in the molecular life sciences. She is committed to whole person education and works with faculty and staff colleagues at Seattle University and beyond to support the intellectual, emotional, and social growth of students. Dr. Loertscher has authored numerous articles in the areas of biochemistry education research and practice.  

Jennifer Coogan, Assistant Dean


Jennifer Coogan is an Assistant Dean in the College of Science and Engineering. Jennifer has worked in higher education for nearly 20 years. She has extensive experience in student affairs having served as an associate dean of advising and student support programs, English lead in a tutoring center, and advisor to TRiO or similar programs serving first-generation and low-income students. She has performed these duties at community colleges as well as private and public 4-year institutions. Jennifer has also worked as a developmental English instructor, a research associate at a professional association in D.C., and has been a project lead on several U.S. government grants including school dropout prevention initiatives. She earned her MEd in Reading from University of Maryland, and her MA in Community Counseling and BA in Psychology from Marist College.