Summer Research Projects

Hands-On Learning for Undergraduate Students

Each Summer Quarter, students and faculty from the College of Science and Engineering undertake research with scientific and social merit. These projects allow students to apply their coursework to practical problems and help advance the Seattle University commitment to professional formation and mission to build a more just and humane world. Research projects may be funded by Seattle University or by grants from external organizations like the National Science Foundation.

During the summer, many students are working on projects across the College. The projects can range from an investigation of extratidal stars in the Milky Way galaxy to probing the molecular evolution of DNA repeats in the human body. Some students go into the field to study beaver habitats in floodplains, while others research in labs to synthesize new antiviral agents or build robots to assist with physical rehabilitation.

The College will show off the work of our students at the 2024 STEM Research Showcase in the Fall. Students interested in participating in future research should explore the research resources page. 

Completed Summer Research Projects

My wet lab research at Seattle U gave me the science 'bug.' I knew after working with my hands in the lab and doing real research that I wanted to continue down that path. I credit my research experience as an undergraduate with my decision to get my PhD and ultimately pursue a career in chemistry. Currently, I use this knowledge working as a researcher at IBM formulating new chemistries for plastics, plastics recycling, and advanced computing.

Jeannette M. Garcia, PhD, '06 Research Staff Member, IBM Almaden Research Center
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