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At Seattle University, we are educating the next generation of software engineers and computer scientists with strong leadership and communication skills.

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Located in the heart of Seattle, Seattle University is the largest and most culturally diverse independent university in the Northwest. Our campus, located in close proximity to technology powerhouses, enables us to work closely with companies such as Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, PACCAR, Nordstrom and Costco. Students work with mentors, gain real-world project experiences and are surrounded by exciting career opportunities. Our department is renowned for the year-long industry-sponsored experiential learning program at the undergraduate level, coordinated by our award-winning Project Center. This experience prepares our students to be effective leaders, communicators and competitive candidates for rewarding careers in the Seattle tech industry and beyond. 

Work on Industry-Sponsored Projects

All undergraduate computer science students will work alongside industry professionals in our Project Center. Graduate students may choose an industry project as a capstone.

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Applicants from all backgrounds can join the Computer Science department. Students with no programming experience should explore a bachelor program or the Career Change Certificate.

Our campus, located in close proximity to technology powerhouses, enables us to work closely with companies such as Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, PACCAR, Nordstrom, and Costco, as well as numerous local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Every student gets access to our faculty-led Career Development program where students can gain information about internship and job searching, receive feedback on their resumes, prepare for technical questions through mock interviews, and more. Every computer science student is also assigned to a faculty advisor, who can provide guidance on course mapping and post-graduation planning.

The Computer Science Seminar Series is dedicated to hosting various speakers from the computing field that can share insights and perspectives on academic research and industry practice. Students get the chance to listen to professionals from around the world and learn about their work as well as their career journey.

Students can apply to become Research Assistants for our faculty members and explore topics like using machine learning for medical diagnoses or applying ethical frameworks to autonomous decision-making agents. Check out our faculty members’ profiles to read about their research interests.

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Join student organizations like the SU Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) chapter and Women in Tech to network and collaborate with your peers, engage in programming workshops, compete in hackathons, and pursue opportunities like participating in the Grace Hopper Celebration.

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Clayton Nguyen

Clayton Nguyen

“Choosing the CS program at Seattle U has been one of the best decisions I've made. The challenging coursework, dedicated faculty, and supportive community have empowered me to grow both personally and professionally. The program provides ample opportunities for internships, networking, and career development, making it an ideal choice for aspiring computer scientists.”

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2023

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