Bannan Scholars Enrichment Program

What is the Bannan Scholars Enrichment Program?

The Bannan Scholars Enrichment Program includes social, scholarly, and service activities recommended/ identified by the Bannan faculty mentor and selected/decided upon by the group.  The activities are based on student preferences and differ annually. The students form strong bonds within the cohort and encourage each other through their junior and senior years at SU.

Recent projects have included working with local non-profits to support technical needs in computers, engineering, tutoring and education.  Recently the scholars participated in the project: How a Seattle Game of Telephone Became a Worldwide Art Event. The scholars also visited local galleries and have been frequent users of the new Seattle University Maker Space. Current projects involve planning a wild-pollinator garden to promote bird and insect populations on Capitol Hill and helping to develop signage to promote the new art that is in the Sinegal and Bannan buildings that have a science and engineering inspiration.   

Interested in Applying?

We encourage all eligible students to apply for the Bannan Scholarship. We are committed to creating an environment of learning and support for a diverse population of students, and building a community of scholars who will thrive and lift each other up.

Learn more about our application process here.


Dr. Kristy Skogerboe, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry

Annual Events

Year End Banquet
Date: May 30th, 6:00PM-8:00PM
Location: Stuart Rolfe room in ADAL at the SE corner of Marion

First Meeting 
Date: September 26th, 12:30PM-1:25PM
Location: TBD

Date: September 28th-29th
Location: Vashon Island’s Camp Sealth

Fall 2023 Bannan Scholars Sample Meeting Schedule (PNG)