Course Approval Process

Education Abroad Course Approval Process


  • To determine how the courses you take abroad will count towards your SU degree, you are required to complete an online Course Approval Form prior to departure.
  • UCOR: If you plan to fulfill UCOR requirements abroad, use the Guide to fulfilling UCOR requirements with Education Abroad Courses as a guide on which subjects that would fit in the respective UCOR Module III courses for your degree requirements. 


1. Complete Course Approval Form

2. EAO will contact your Major/Minor Department Chair(s) and/or University Core Department Chair for course approvals on your behalf.

3. Your EAO Advisor will notify you if any of the courses don't fit your desired course type and will work with you to find a new course that will fit.

4. EAO will send a summary of the equivalences to your Academic Advisor for approval.

5. EAO will send your courses equivalences to the Registrar's Office for auditing.

  • They will indicate the minimum grade you will need to achieve in order to transfer back credit. You will be emailed a copy of this document from the Registrar for your reference prior to departure. Once you've completed the program, SU receives and processed your transcript, the Registrar will update your program evaluation with the equivalences from your Course Approval Summary.

Additional course approval request 

Since courses are subjected to change while on-site, students will typically have to submit additional courses while abroad before solidifying their abroad course schedule. Complete the Course Approval Form above as many times needed and your EAO advisor will assist you in getting those courses approved.