Pre-Departure Checklist

Update for Fall Semester 2020 Programs (after 8/18)

·     Course Approval Form: instead of completing the form we previously provided in your packet,  please indicate the courses you are interested in taking abroad through this online form as soon as possible and no later than June 1st. Your Education Abroad Advisor will then reach out to the various approving departments on your behalf and request equivalencies. Once we’ve received approval, you will be notified. If you need to get additional courses approved while abroad, please submit the online form again. Note: If you have already completed the physical Course Approval Form, we will accept it via email.

·     Pre-Departure Orientation: we are working to move Pre-Departure Orientation entirely onto Canvas and we will let you know when we have logistics finalized.

First Things First

3 Months Prior to Departure

Prior to Departure