Mission, Visions and Values

Mission Statement

The Education Abroad Office at Seattle University promotes meaningful study abroad and global immersion experiences for students, faculty, and staff by facilitating exploration of options, preparation before departure, and reintegration upon return.

Vision Statement

We believe meaningful experiences with diverse cultures foster intellectual and personal growth; develop leadership skills; promote awareness; and further global engagement. We carry out the University's mission to "empower leaders for a just and humane world" by providing participants an opportunity to form relationships that transcend borders and strengthen our sense of unity. Through reintegration, participants discover how their knowledge can be applied at home and abroad.

Values Statement

The Education Abroad Office respects the individual needs of all participants, recognizing and celebrating diversity, while seeking to be accessible to all who are motivated to engage abroad. We aim to have positive relationships with students, faculty, and staff, to continually improve our institutional practices and processes to provide critical support in exploration, preparation, and reintegration.