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The Education Abroad Office provides guidance in finding a program that best suits your academic and personal goals, as well as financial needs. Wondering how to get started?  You’ve come to the right place! Join the “Global Engagement with Education Abroad” Canvas course and the modules will guide you alongside your Education Abroad Advisor.

Student Journey

Module 1. Explore
Complete Education Abroad 101, a self-paced introduction to Education Abroad at SU. This must be complete before meeting with an Education Abroad Advisor.  Attend a small-group Planning Meeting with your Education Abroad Advisor to discuss important considerations and explore options together.

Module 2: Apply
Complete the appropriate application for your program. Instructions and deadlines vary.

Module 3: Prepare
EAO provides a program-specific assignment checklist with deadlines for students to complete prior to departure.

Module 4: Pre-Departure Orientation
EAO provides an online or in-person Pre-Departure Orientation to help prepare students to encounter different cultures and stay safe and healthy during their time abroad. Additional topical and identity sessions are offered during Take Flight Month in May.  

Module 5: While Abroad
EAO provides helpful reminders, resources, and ways for students to share their abroad experiences.  

Module 6: Reintegrate
EAO provides resources for returners as they adjust to life back at Seattle University, including a Welcome Home Dinner, information about future opportunities abroad post-graduation, and other ways to continue processing and articulating their abroad experiences. 

Student Eligibility

Students are eligible to go abroad starting the summer after their first year. In addition, they must meet the program’s GPA requirements and be in good conduct standing.

Students will be held to the standards outlined in the Seattle University Code of Student Conduct and must adhere to the Seattle University Academic Policies during their time abroad. 

Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA* and be in good conduct standing at the time of application and maintain this prior to departure and throughout the duration of the program. (*Some programs require a higher GPA; therefore, students must meet those criteria.) 

Students are expected to abide by the individual and group standards appropriate to the cultural setting of the program, including the laws and standards of the host country and of the host institution. Students are required to comply with the terms of participation and emergency procedures of their program abroad. 

If a student is terminated from the program, they are responsible for all costs and fees associated with early return to the U.S.  In addition, students will not receive a refund of tuition and fees. Students terminated from a program are subject to additional disciplinary action upon return to campus, as provided in the SU Student Code of Conduct. 



While it is rare, students are able to participate in multiple length (for and non-credit) programs during the academic year



followed by England, France, Mexico, and Ireland



Long-term programs ranging from quarter-length to semester-length and up to a full academic year abroad. While 39% of students participate in summer short-term programs.