Seattle University is on the quarter system. The normal load for full-time undergraduate students is 15 quarter credits; a minimum of 12 quarter credit are required for full-time status. Undergraduate International students are required to take 12 quarter credits to be considered full-time status. Only 1 online course per quarter is allowed for International students.
For more information on the academic policies please visit the Academic Policies page. 

  Quarters Average Load Conversion
Semester Credits 1.5 Quarter = 1 Semester 15 Quarter Credits = 10 Semester Credits
ECTS Credits 0.8 Quarter = 1 ECTS 15 Quarter Credits = 18 ECTS Credits


English proficiency is required. Most courses are offered in English, but an English Language Learning Center is offered to prepare non-native speakers of English for a productive academic career at Seattle University. Non-native English speakers are required to submit proof of English proficiency through TOEFL scores and those who meet the minimum score, must participate in the ELCB courses.
 For more information please visit ELLC Language requirement:


  Required to Participate in ELCB* Exempt from ELCB
TOEFL 68 - 85 iBT 86 iBT
IELTS minimum 6.0 6.5
ELS N/A Complete Level 112 with 3.0 GPA
PTE 48 - 62 63
Duolingo 120  
SAT (2016+)   500 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
ACT N/A 20+ in both Reading and English

Students with TOEFL scores in the ELCB range will take a placement essay test upon arrival at Seattle University. Some students may have their ELCB requirement waived based upon the results of the placement essay test.


Transcripts are issued by the Registrar's Office and should be requested once grades are posted. Transcripts are available in Electronic and Printed via the Office of The Registrar's Transcript page. We recommend that students request a few copies for their own record for future use. 

Course Listings

Subject Courses:

Most courses are taught in English. Students can select from a variety of courses in the 1000-4000 level range. [Courses from the School of Law, Graduate courses, and certain Undergraduate Programs (Diagnostic Ultrasound, Nursing, University Honors, and New and Continuing Studies) are not available to Exchange students.] 

For Course Descriptions please go here. (Please select the Undergraduate Catalog on the right in the drop box) 

Specific quarterly course offerings can be found on SUOnline by selecting the ‘Prospective Students’ tab:
(Please note that some of the courses are only offered in particular quarters and/or have prerequisite requirements.)

English Language & Culture Bridge (ELCB) Courses

The courses offered in the English Language and Culture Bridge are highly advanced, with a specific focus on university-level reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. In addition, the course work concentrates on the American academic culture and the specific preparation for requirements at Seattle University. Courses are still open to international students who have met English Proficiency Requirements.

ELCB Courses and Syllabi

  • ELCB 0870 - Academic Reading and Writing
  • ELCB 0880 - Communication Essentials for American College
  • ELCB 0910 - Advanced Communication for American College
  • ELCB 1010 - Writing from Sources
  • ELCB 1020 - Research Paper Writing
  • ELCB 5000 - Graduate School Success

Albers School of Business and Economics 

Albers - Projected Course Offerings

Albers School of Business & Economics - Courses & Syllabi

College of Science & Engineering 

Science & Engineering - Projected Course Offerings


College of Arts & Sciences

Arts & Science - Projected Course Offerings