Race and Ethnicity

Issues of race vary depending on the student and the host country. Some students may be racial minorities at home, but will be studying in a country where their race is the majority. Others may face becoming a racial minority for the first time. In many cases, students may find race is less an issue than their nationalities. Whatever the situation, it is important for students studying abroad to identify and reflect on their own experiences with racial issues and their own preconceived notions and expectations. Other cultures have very different ways of dealing with these issues, and students may encounter individuals who range from overly curious to completely disinterested in their racial backgrounds. Use your study abroad opportunity to examine the ways another culture navigates race and racial issues that may differ from those of your home country. The more aware and prepared you are about these issues in your host country before departure, the less likely you are to jump to negative conclusions in confusing situations. Use the following links to learn more about race and travel abroad:

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