Parents and Families

Welcome Parents and Families!

We live in an increasingly globalized world where economies, cultures, and people are continually converging. In order to empower students to be leaders in this globalized society, Seattle University has committed to internationalizing our campus, our curriculum, and our student experiences. Education Abroad is an invaluable part of that commitment.

We believe that a study abroad experience is pivotal in students’ personal and intellectual growth. Students’ ability to navigate academic and cultural intricacies in a foreign country not only speaks to their resourcefulness and aptitude, but makes them more competitive in today’s job market.


The Education Abroad Office fully supports students offering: comprehensive program advising, financial aid advising, academic counseling, pre-departure orientations, and re-entry workshops. Our Education Abroad advisors guide students through the discernment process, assisting them in finding a program that suits their financial, personal, and academic goals. We also work with students’ academic advisors, the Office of the Registrar, and the Office of Student Financial Services to ensure students are on-track for their degree and are maintaining a full-time student status while abroad.

Prior to departure, students attend a pre-departure health and safety orientation. During this workshop, students are armed with information on: passports, visas, immunization, health and medical care abroad, travel planning, cultural adjustment, pre-departure preparation, safety abroad, and mental and physical health factors.

Once abroad, the Education Abroad Office remains in-contact with in-country program providers and utilizes comprehensive crisis management response protocol in the case of emergencies. Students are provided with 24-hour emergency contact information to ensure that in urgent or serious situations they receive a prompt, appropriate and thorough response from both program staff and Seattle University officers.

Upon return to Seattle University, the Education Abroad Office offers re-entry workshops that address student’s academic and logistical concerns, allows students to reflect and discern their time abroad, and provides on-campus opportunities to share their experiences. Students can work with the Education Abroad Office to improve the future processes and provide feedback on programs. There are also opportunities for leadership through involvement on the Education Abroad Student Advisory Council. 

Our staff is more than willing to address any concerns parents may have about their child’s study abroad experience. Do not hesitate to contact our office by calling 206-296-2226 or emailing