Student Staff

Photo of Audrey Kan

Audrey Kan

Computer Science, Business Specialization, minor in Entrepreneurship, '20

Peer Advisor

Audrey (pronouns: she/her/hers) studied abroad during 2017-2018 for the academic year. She spent Fall Semester 2017 at University of Hull and Spring Semester 2018 with Arcadia: University of Auckland.

Talk to her about:

- Studying Abroad in England and New Zealand as an Asian American woman

- Board games, volleyball, Uniqlo, and anything orange :-)

Photo of Francesca Loo

Francesca Loo

International Business, Chinese Minor, 20'

Peer Advisor

Francesca (pronouns: she/her/hers) studied abroad during 2018-2019 for the academic year. She spent Fall Semester 2018 at The Beijing Center (Beijing, China) and Spring Semester 2019 with USAC Shanghai (Shanghai, China).

Talk to her about:

- Studying abroad in China as an American born Asian Person

- All kinds of music, anime, Netflix shows, and snacks!

Photo of Nicole Arshad

Nicole Arshad

Strategic Communications & Media and Spanish, '20

Peer Advisor

Nicole (pronouns: she/her/hers) studied abroad during Fall Semester 2018 in Valencia, Spain with ISA Valencia.

Talk to her about:

- Studying abroad in Spain as a First-Generation College student. 

- Beyoncé, movies (22 Jump Street), music, and photography

Photo of Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson

Nursing & Spanish, 22

Peer Advisor

Sean (pronouns: he/him/his) studied abroad in Madrid and Salamanca, Spain in the Summer of 2019 and is planning to go abroad again in the Summer 2020.

Talk to him about:

- Studying abroad in Spain as an LGBTQ individual

- Tennis, photography, movies, and coffee!

Photo of Nils Gollersrud

Nils Gollersrud

Humanities and Creative Writing, minor in Film Studies, '19

Global Ambassador

Nils studied abroad during Fall Semester 2018 in London, England at St. Mary's University (SU Exchange).

Photo of Mary Kate Lambright

Mary Kate Lambright

Finance, minor in Spanish, '20

Global Ambassador

Mary Kate studied abroad during Fall semester 2018 in Puntarenas, Costa Rica with USAC Puntarenas (SU Sponsored).

Photo of Hallie MacPherson

Hallie MacPherson

Photography & Spanish, '20

Global Ambassador

Hallie studied abroad during Fall Semester 2018 in Valencia with ISA: Universitat de Valencia (SU Sponsored). Hallie was also featured student blogger for Fall 2018.

Photo of Monica McKeown

Monica McKeown

International Studies & Spanish, minor in Environmental Studies, '20

Global Ambassador

Monica studied abroad during Fall Semester 2017 in San Jose, Costa Rica with ISA: Spanish Language, Liberal Arts & Environmental Studies (SU Sponsored) and again for Fall Semester 2018 in Madrid, Spain at our exchange program with Comillas University (SU Exchange).