Travel Advisory Policy

Policy Statement

Seattle University is committed to providing international travel opportunities for study, research, service, training, immersions, internships and other activities that fulfill the University’s educational mission. There is, however, inherent risk in international travel and in light of heightened health and safety risks in certain locations. Seattle University prohibits University-related activities and programs involving students to occur in locations under any of the following travel advisories or restrictions:


In compliance with Seattle University’s policy, individual students, faculty, staff, or program leaders who wish to travel to regions identified as having a high level of risk to health and safety according to the organizations listed above, may petition for an exception to this policy. A petition must be submitted for review to the Director of Education Abroad (Gina Lopardo, by the deadlines listed below:

July 15 (Travel September - November)
October 15 (Travel December - February) 
January 15 (Travel March - May)
April 15 (Travel June - August)

Please see the "Resources" section for the complete Travel Advisory Policy and for the Travel Advisory Petition process and instructions. 



*Failure to complete the petition by the established deadline will jeopardize the approval of the program.