Let's Get Started!

The Education Abroad Office offers advising services to help guide you in finding a program that best suits your financial, personal, and academic goals. Wondering how to get started? Below are simple steps to begin your study abroad process! 

The Five Steps to Studying Abroad

1. Attend an Information Session at the Education Abroad Office (EAO)

  • Learn about the types of programs offered, transferring credits, and financial aid
  • Students must attend an info session before initially meeting with an advisor

2. Schedule an Appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor

  • Receive 1:1 assistance with your program exploration 
  • Prior to your appointment complete the Education Abroad Planning Worksheet on Horizons in Surveys
  • Bring your Program Evaluation on the day of the appointment

3. Explore Programs

4. Apply to your Program

    *Please note that the Education Abroad Office cannot guarantee that students who apply for an academic year for SU-Sponsored and Exchange programs will be approved for the entire academic year. Consult with your Education Abroad Advisor for more options.

5. Complete Required Pre-Departure Paperwork and Orientation 



Why take your education abroad?

Study abroad offers students the opportunity to live and learn in another country, experience a new culture, and gain independence. Additional outcomes may include development of cross-cultural competency; an increase in language proficiency; intellectual and major-specific knowledge; deepened self-reflection and self-understanding; and, expanded career potential.

Information Sessions

Info Sessions are available daily. 
Please contact us at 206-296-2226 or email us at 
or come into our office, Pavilion 124 for more detail and reservation.