Student Eligibility


The Education Abroad Office performs a conduct check two months prior to students departure.


Students will be held to the standards outlined in the Seattle University Code of Student Conduct and must adhere to the Seattle University Academic Policies during their time abroad.

Students who plan to study abroad must have a 2.5 GPA* at the time of application. Students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA* and be in good conduct prior to departure and throughout the duration of the program. (*Some programs require a higher GPA to apply and participate, therefore students must meet those criteria.)


Students are expected to abide by the individual and group standards appropriate to the cultural setting of the program, including the laws and standards of the host country and of the host institution.  Actions or behaviors in violation of location or national laws and/or rules, policies or standards, or are judged to be injurious or an impediment to the program, seriously offensive to the culture of the host country, in violations or threat to the rights or welfare of another and/or damaging to SU's reputation, the Program Director and/or SU leadership can impose sanctions up to expulsion from the program.

Conduct considered unacceptable to Seattle University includes any behavior that disrupts normal program operation or endangers oneself or others, but is not limited to excessive use of alcohol, fighting, abusive behaviors toward others, sexual harassment, criminal conduct of any kind, or participation in (vs. observation of) political activities, use of illegal drugs, or unwillingness to cooperate with University or host representatives. Furthermore, students are required to comply with the terms of participation and emergency procedures of their program abroad.

If a student is terminated from the program, they are responsible for all costs and fees associated with early return to the U.S.  In addition, students will not receive a refund of tuition and fees. Students terminated from a program are subject to additional disciplinary action upon return to campus, as provided in the SU Student Code of Conduct.