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Quick Guide to Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing

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When a student adds, drops, or withdraws from a course on SU Online, it seems automatic. In reality, it is a manual process. By moving from customized to delivered codes, the university takes advantage of automatic processing – eliminating hours of manual work.

Notes column indicates new codes and italicized text indicates new automation.


 guide to adding, dropping, withdrawing

RGN Steps

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  1. In the student's RGN screen, enter the course name.
  2. Press the "Tab" key on your keyboard.
  3. The right code automatically appears!

Dropping (May 8 and later)

  1. In the student's RGN screen, select the course to drop.
  2. Select "D" from the drop-down menu.
  3. Colleague will update the code based on dates established in the system.

SU Online Withdraw Stepshorizontal rule

*This is not an automatic process

  1. Registrar's Office maintains a spreadsheet for Student Financial Services (SFS)
  2. Registrar's Office manually withdraws in Colleague
  3. SFS views spreadsheet
  4. SFS manually issues refund in Colleague

Utilize Delivered Functionality

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  • The refund process is being automated
  • Graduate students can withdraw online without manual intervention
  • To automate, add/drop/withdraw codes must change