Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (formerly “Office 365”) is Microsoft’s online portal for email, data storage, productivity apps, and collaboration tools.  Seattle University provides access to Microsoft 365 for all students, faculty, staff, and other eligible accounts. 

Microsoft 365 is accessible 24x7x365, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Log on to Microsoft 365

To log in to your SU Microsoft 365 account, visit and enter your Seattle U account credentials.

screenshot of the new SeattleU Office 365 Portal with an image of Lemieux Library

Once logged in, use the App Launcher to navigate between Outlook, OneDrive, Word Online, and other applications. Microsoft regularly adds or updates applications available through Microsoft 365; feel free to explore!

Features and Services

Seattle University students, faculty, staff and other eligible accounts receive:

After graduation, Seattle University alumni retain all email functionality. OneDrive storage is changed to read-only (new files cannot be added) and limited to 5 GB. Other Microsoft 365 services become unavailable. 

Popular Microsoft 365 apps at SeattleU


Outlook provides access to your SU email account. Use Outlook to send and receive messages, schedule meetings, save Contacts information, and collaborate with peers and coworkers. To learn more, please visit the Microsoft Outlook Guide.


OneDrive provides secure, easy-to-use storage space that’s accessible from any device.  Data stored in your OneDrive is only accessible to you by default; however, you can choose to share data with anyone, including people outside of Seattle University.   To learn more, please visit the Microsoft OneDrive Guide.


OneNote stores and synchronizes your notes across all of your devices, so you can focus on your thoughts and ideas. Learn more about OneNote with the Microsoft OneNote Guide.

SharePoint and Groups

Microsoft provides SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 Groups to collaborate with your teammates and coworkers.  Create and edit documents in real-time; develop shared calendars and email distribution lists; store and share project plans and business data. Learn more about SharePoint and Groups with the Microsoft resources below:


Microsoft Teams provides chat, virtual meetings, and other real-time collaboration services to a SharePoint environment. Use Teams to keep your group, project team, or department connected to their work from any device and any location.  Learn more about Teams from the Microsoft Teams Guide.


Use Microsoft Forms to create simple surveys and polls for people inside and outside Seattle University.  Respondents can access your Form from any web browser or mobile device; Form builders can see real-time results as they're submitted, and export results to Excel for additional analysis.  Forms builders can also require SU respondents to authenticate with their SU account, to validate their account and contact info.  For more information visit the Microsoft Forms guide.

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