Email & Calendar

All students, faculty and staff are provided with an Office 365 account with 50 GB of storage and the following features:

  • Seattle University email, contacts, and calendar
  • OneDrive access
  • Online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Free downloads of Microsoft Office on up to 5 Mac/PC/mobile devices

Seattle University alumni email accounts are provided through Office 365. After graduation alumni no longer have access to OneDrive or Microsoft Office through the university, but they keep their email, contacts, and calendar for life.

Access Your SU Email

Email accounts are provided to students, faculty and staff upon arrival to the university. To log in to your Seattle University email account please visit

Every Seattle University email account comes with a calendar for students, faculty and staff to schedule classes, meetings, and collaborate with one another. 

Access Your Calendar

To access your calendar, log into your Seattle University email account and click on the calendar icon in the bottom navigation menu. 

From there, you can schedule meetings, events and manage calendar permissions. 

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