Email & Calendar

Seattle University provides a single Office 365 email account ( to each student, faculty, staff, alumni, Jesuits, vendor, and other eligible guests.  Official University communications, campus news, and other important alerts are delivered to your email account. 

Access your email account via Office 365, or by visiting

Access Your SU Email

Internet: Visit to log in to your Seattle University email account. 


For information on how to navigate the Outlook App, see the iOS and Android cheat sheets.

Distribution List Requests

Please fill out a Distribution List Request in order to add/remove users or create/delete distribution lists.

Access Your Calendar

To access your calendar, log in to your Seattle University email account and click on the calendar icon in the bottom navigation menu. 

From there, you can schedule meetings, events and manage calendar permissions. 

Reset Your Email Password

Reset your Seattle University account password by visiting  For additional help resetting your password, visit our password reset support article.


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