Technical Purchasing

The Technical Purchasing department facilitates Technical Purchases on campus. If you have a question about a non-technical purchase please contact Procurement. 

Computers, monitors, and peripherals

Standard Computers

Standard computer models are available in the ProcureSU system. These standards ensure that the products we order work with the systems we use on campus. Limiting the amount of variation not only ensures that you are purchasing a product that IT Services supports, but also keeps our costs low. Many features on our standard computers can be customized to meet your needs; you can do this through ProcureSU or by contacting Technical Purchasing for assistance.

These standard computers are now conveniently located within the Dell and CDW-G catalogs in ProcureSU. You will see these items on the homepage of both punch-out catalogs. We do not support purchases for computers made through Amazon or B&H Photo.  Apple products and Microsoft Surface tablets can be ordered through CDW-G.

 DesktopLaptopTabletLightweightAvailable through Computer RefreshWebcam
Dell Optiplex X       X  
Apple iMac X       X X
Dell Latitude 5490   X     X X
Dell Latitude 7390   X   X X X
Apple Macbook Pro   X     X X
Microsoft Surface Pro     X X   X

For more information, review the full matrix here: Campus Computer Standards.

Non-standard PC Computers

If your needs cannot be met through a standard computer, please fill out the IT Non-Standard Purchase Request form found in ProcureSU. Please be sure to include a business reason as to why a standard computer won't work for your needs and a link to the computer you desire to purchase. Once the form is submitted Technical Purchasing is notified and will begin working on your request. The request will go to the Associate CIO for approval. If approval is granted then Technical Purchasing will build a cart for you to purchase from. The Device will come to IT Services to be tagged with an asset tag, and tracked in inventory. Then the device will go to our Work Station Engineering team to build an image for the device (this process could take up to 3 weeks). After the image is built then the device is handed off to the end user.

This device (if approved) will be classified as an Approved Non-Standard Exception:

-Not one of the standard computers, but IT Services has agreed to image and support due to unique business needs/customer requirements. Most of these computers will still be Dell due to compatibility

-May take three weeks to image

-Except in rare circumstances, cannot use Computer Refresh funding to purchase

Non-standard Mac Computers

Please reach out to Technical Purchasing via email if you would like a Mac that is not on the standard list. Mac computers do not have to go through the Non-Standard IT request form, but Technical Purchasing must build the cart for these purchases.


IT Services offers a Windows Surface as a standard tablet to purchase, which requires no special approval and can be purchased through ProcureSU via the CDW-G catalog. If the Surface does not meet your needs please fill out an IT Non-Standard Purchase form in ProcureSU. Be sure to include a business reason why the surface will not meet your needs, and a link to the desired device you would like to purchase. Approval for tablets goes through our CIO, which is handled by Technical Purchasing. After approval, Technical Purchasing will build a cart in ProcureSU with the tablet to be purchased. Once the tablet arrives to campus it will be tagged and inventoried by IT Services, then handed off to the end user.


IT Services has pre-selected a number of monitors on our CDW-G catalog that we recommend for purchase. You can find these using the search bar. The factors most people consider are: price, size, adjustability (vertical, swivel, etc.) and resolution. IT Services does not require nor recommend you purchase a warranty on these items. Monitors are also available for purchase through the Dell catalog. When you are purchasing a computer you have the option to click “customize and buy.” One of the options in the customization is to purchase a monitor with your computer. You are also able to purchase monitors through the Amazon catalog. Please submit an IT Non-Standard Purchase Request Form in ProcureSU for specialty requests that are not found in our catalogs or for orders over 10.

Peripherals and accessories

Computer peripherals and accessories can be found within our CDW-G and Dell catalogs. We suggest using the Dell catalog for docking stations for your Dell laptop. The CDW-G catalog is best suited for finding keyboards, mice, speakers, headsets, webcams and much more. You can find these items through the homepage of the CDW-G catalog below the standard computers. Items are catagorized under the "Approved Accessories Section". We do not recommend purchasing electronics through Amazon as there is not a guarantee that the products purchased on their site are genuine and there is not a guaranteed return option for many items they sell.

If your Dell laptop was purchased after January 2018 please use the Dell catalog to purchase a docking station. It can be found under “standard configurations.” If your dock was purchased prior to that please reach out to technical purchasing for assistance.

Printers & Toner

Seattle University has a contract with Copiers Northwest for print and copy services. This is sometimes noted as "MPS" or "Managed Print Services". The University no longer purchases or reimburses printers or toner because these items are provided through the service contract; this policy was approved by the Cabinet as part of the MPS program.

There are a small number of exceptions granted to the MPS-only printer rule. Generally, exceptions are for specialty printers such as those used to print large-scale posters (Fine Arts Department) or checks (Controller's Office). Some faculty and staff have chosen to personally purchase and maintain their own printers, so you may notice small desktop printers in offices around campus.

Questions about MPS and requests for exceptions can be directed to Cassidy Scandola, Director of Procurement, who oversees the Copies Northwest contract. If the request comes through ProcureSU, ITS Technical Purchasing will consult with the Procurement Office.

Technical support questions can be sent to the Help Desk for routing to the appropriate team and problem resolution. The Help Desk can be reached at (206) 296-5571 or


For information on pre-installed software and available software in the Virtual Desktop, please visit the Standard Software page. 

Initial Purchase: Once you have found the product you would like to purchase, send the end user agreement/terms & conditions/contract (whichever the vendor provides to you) to our legal counsel, specifically Dave Lance, and our CIO, Chris Van Liew. Please CC on the email thread. When you send the initial email requesting the review of the agreement include what the software does, how many licenses will be used on campus, and anything else of note. Once both SU and the vendor have approved/signed the agreement, please begin your requisition in ProcureSU. Within the requisition be sure to add a comment noting that the agreement was approved on a specific date.

Renewals: When it is time for renewal please include a comment in your requisition noting that the agreement was reviewed and approved. Having that comment will let me know that I can approve the requisition for the software purchase right away. If you do not have a contract or master agreement in place, ask the vendor for the appropriate documentation and follow the instructions for an initial purchase. Please include in your email how long you have used the software.

Having our legal team and CIO review the agreements helps keep our University’s data safer.


One of the Core Values that Seattle University holds is Leadership. Our goal is to develop responsible leaders, who are committed to the common good. One of the ways that ITS is able to provide leadership is through Sustainability.

When selecting computers and other technology purchases for campus we consider sustainability, including Energy Star and EPEAT ratings. We also consider this when selecting our vendor partners.

The Computer Refresh Program enables us to keep computers on campus up to date and recycle old technology. After a user has had their computer refreshed, the old computer is removed by a vendor so it can be sold/reused, recycled, or disposed of.

Technical Purchasing Assistance

For assistant, please contact Technical Purchasing at (206) 296-2317 or, Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I purchase monitor arms for my computer?

Please put in a work order with Facilities to determine what configuration would best fit your desk. Facilities will then help you determine what size monitors, and arms should be ordered. Based on this information, Technical Purchasing will be able to help you order your monitors by building a cart in the ProcureSU system. When the monitors and arms arrive, you will need to submit an additional work order with Facilities to have the items installed.

How do I order a headset for my phone?

Please submit a IT Non-Standard Purchase Request Form in ProcureSU.

Why am I receiving emails from the Seattle U Help Desk about the order I made through ProcureSU?

IT Services uses a ticketing system called Cherwell to track the status of ordered items. When the PO is sent to the vendor through ProcureSU, Technical Purchasing is notified. We then create a ticket to track the item(s). Once the item(s) is delivered to IT Services, Technical Purchasing will comment on the ticket to let you know what items have arrived and when. After all of the items in the order have arrived, the ticket will be assigned to our technicians to deliver or configure them. Once the items have been delivered, the ticket will be closed.

How do I return an item through CDW-G or Dell?

Please contact for assistance.