Computer Refresh

The 20-21 Computer Refresh Program (CRP) has updated the overall philosophy behind this program:

  • CRP coordinators can now order devices on an as-needed basis throughout the year
  • Inventory will be purchased ahead of time and kept on hand to reduce the time it takes to deploy new computers
  • Funding is tracked via division order sheets and will reset at the end of the fiscal year
  • Only certain devices are eligible for CRP funding, other device requests will be reviewed through our exception process.  (Reasoning can be found on our FAQ page)

 Computers with the following should be considered first for CRP funding:

  • Devices running Windows 7 
  • Any Lenovo device, eventually these will be collected regardless if they are replaced, we have not bought Lenovos in 5+ years and these are a security risk to our environment 
  • Devices older than 4 years
  • Any computer you have been advised should be replaced due to performance or security 

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