ITS Leadership

Photo of Chris Van Liew

Chris Van Liew

B.S., Business Administration from Oregon State University

Chief Information Officer, Vice President of Information Technology

Phone: 206-296-2003

Photo of Travis Nation

Travis Nation

B.S., Business Administration from University of Wyoming
M.B.A., Information Technology Management from Southern New Hampshire University

Associate Chief Information Officer

Phone: 206-296-2002

Photo of Matt Byers

Matt Byers

B.S., Biochemistry from Seattle University
B.A., Humanities from Seattle University

Microsoft Product Architect

Phone: 206-296-5536

Photo of Heather Geiger

Heather Geiger

B.A., English from Mount Holyoke College

Director of IT Finance & Vendor Management

Phone: 206-296-5832

Photo of Haley Hubbard

Haley Hubbard

B.A., Business Administration from Washington State University

Senior IT Buyer & ITS Administrator

Phone: 206-296-2317

Photo of MK Smith

MK Smith

B.A., History from University of Chicago

Director of Application Services

Phone: 206-296-5549

Photo of Jerry Vergeront

Jerry Vergeront

B.A., English Literature and Computer Science from Evergreen State College
J.D., Seattle University

Director of Risk and Cybersecurity

Phone: 206-296-5607

Photo of Mark Young

Mark Young

B.S., Chemistry from University of Virginia
Ph.D., Chemistry from Penn State University

Director of Enterprise Architecture

Phone: 206-296-2146