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What is EngageSU?

EngageSU is a suite of applications that contains four modules: Careers, Learning & Development, Performance Assessment, and Pay Administration. EngageSU integrates with Colleague XE and works with single sign-on capabilities. Please read below for EngageSU module descriptions and resources, and visit the Human Resources EngageSU site:

EngageSU Learning & Development 

EngageSU Learning & Development is a way to catalog, assign and track professional development materials available at SU. It includes notification and search capabilities and provides an improved training experience.
Note: EngageSU Learning & Development does not replace Canvas, the current student learning management system. 

EngageSU Careers

EngageSU Careers is the university's faculty and staff recruiting and onboarding system.  EngageSU Careers replaced the former system, PeopleAdmin. 

EngageSU Performance Assessment (Coming Spring 2018)

The EngageSU Performance Assessment system will streamline the performance review process.

Pay Administration (Coming 2018)

Compensation planning and management is easy and precise in the EngageSU system, providing systemized workflows, budget and adjustment guidelines and optimized budgets to improve overall efficiency. 


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EngageSU Learning & Development 

On November 28, 2016, the first EngageSU module, Learning & Development, was deployed although faculty and staff did not start using it until February 2017, once compliance training products were activated.

EngageSU Learning & Development is not a tool to create training content and it does not replace Canvas as a student learning management system.  Rather, it is a way to catalog, assign, and track professional development materials available at SU. It includes notification and search capabilities, and provides an improved end-user training experience. Human Resources also expects to see savings in time and effort.

Starting in February, required compliance training (such as FERPA, Data Security and Harassment & Discrimination Prevention) migrated from LawRoom to EngageSU. The plan is to continue to build out the training catalog to make it increasingly useful for faculty and staff. The Human Resources Office of Learning and Development will be working with a few areas to migrate position-specific training to the EngageSU L&D system.

EngageSU Careers

EngageSU Careers is the university's recruiting and onboarding system. EngageSU Careers provides the following capabilities:

  • Customized job websites for faculty & staff positions
  • Simplified sites and application workflows for internal searches
  • Colleague XE integration and single sign-on
  • Mobile functionality



EngageSU Careers - Click text to open in full window

 See also the EngageSU section of the Human Resources web site.


Performance Assessment & Pay Administration

In addition to the Learning and Development and Careers modules, Seattle University has acquired two products from Cornerstone: Performance Management and Compensation. These will go live in 2018.

Here is how the vendor describes the products:

Performance Management

Align, assess and develop your employees to maximize results. Improve performance with a modern performance management system that enables employees to control their own professional development with continuous feedback and intuitive goals, and gives managers an easy way to assess and coach employees.

Pay Administration

Improve compensation planning and manage it with ease and precision. Highly-flexible and configurable, Cornerstone Compensation offers systemized workflows and budget and adjustment guidelines to increase transparency, optimize budgets and improve efficiencies.