Profile Images

It is highly recommended that Seattle University social media accounts utilize the profile image template provided. This template was designed to work in any profile image space across a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and any site where the profile image appears as a square. If you have any questions or problems creating your profile image, please contact Eli Christopher in Marcom.

All SU social media profile images should use the SU interlock on a white background with the department, program, title, etc spelled out succinctly in Knockout or Oswald font. It is highly encouraged that you shorten the name of your department or area as much as possible for the sake of legibility, or consider using an acronym.

The SU interlock on black is reserved for Seattle University’s main social media accounts.

The SU interlock on red is reserved for Seattle University athletic programs and teams. 

SU Social Media Profile Image