Recent Development Projects

Image for Education Abroad Project

Education Abroad Project

In Fall 2019 the Education Abroad Department was looking for a way to help students find the right program without having to search an old 3rd party database. They reached out to MARCOM and asked us to build them a custom application they could host and manage in T4. It required a variety of search options and a responsive layout for mobile devices. Now students can quickly filter all programs.

Image for Transformative Technologies

Transformative Technologies

In Spring 2020 the Ethics and Transformative Technologies team built a Bibliography that finds published articles in the public domain, and creates a list of those articles to form a WordCloud. However, there were so many articles it was a challenge to lay these out on a webpage. So the team reached out to MARCOM and asked us to build an application that allowed users to filter by embedded tags.

Image that complements UCOR Course Project

UCOR Course Project

In Winter 2020 the UCOR Department realized they needed a tool that could list all available courses in a given quarter, so they reached out to MARCOM. The application needed to be easy to use for both Academic Advisors and Students. With the input of stakeholders across campus MARCOM was able to build functionality that gives users quick access to specific courses based on UCOR Modules and Course Names.