The Marketing Communications team strives for relentless commitment to quality while upholding our departmental ethic of excellence and urgency. We aim to be leaders by motivating and coaching our colleagues and improving communication on and off campus.

Photo of Aubrey Benasa

Aubrey Benasa

Digital Designer

Phone: 206-296-2057

Photo of Dean Forbes

Dean Forbes

Media Relations Specialist

Phone: 206-296-6114

Photo of Carter Johnson

Carter Johnson


Phone: 206-296-4379

Photo of Yosef Chaim Kalinko

Yosef Chaim Kalinko

University Photographer

Phone: 206-296-2651

Photo of Kristen Kirst

Kristen Kirst

Director of Strategic Communications and Engagement

Phone: 206-296-5695

Photo of Marissa Leitch

Marissa Leitch

Graphic Designer

Phone: 206-296-6113

Photo of Terry Lundmark

Terry Lundmark

Project Manager and Senior Designer

Phone: 206-296-6940

Photo of Gaurav Mandan

Gaurav Mandan

Web Manager

Photo of Scott McClellan

Scott McClellan

Vice President for University Affairs

Phone: 206-296-2104

Photo of Marriah Menchaca

Marriah Menchaca

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Photo of Kerry Francesca Nisco

Kerry Francesca Nisco


Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Brand Management

Phone: 206-296-2259

Photo of Allison Nitch

Allison Nitch

Senior Writer

Phone: 206-296-5706

Photo of Tina Potterf

Tina Potterf

Managing Editor

Phone: 206-296-6111

Photo of Anne Reinisch

Anne Reinisch

Graphic Designer

Phone: 206-296-6217

Photo of Rosie Sabaric

Rosie Sabaric

Operations and Projects Manager

Phone: 206-296-2104

Photo of Mike Thee

Mike Thee

Internal Communications Manager and Editor of The Commons

Phone: 206-296-6135

Photo of Lincoln Vander Veen

Lincoln Vander Veen

External Affairs Manager

Phone: 206-296-6116

Photo of Eli Voigt

Eli Voigt

Assistant Director of Digital Marketing

Phone: 206-296-6112

Student Workers

Photo of Pierce Harriz

Pierce Harriz

Web Assistant