Filming and Photography on Campus

Seattle University strives to cooperate with requests from film and video producers to use SU facilities and grounds when it can be demonstrated their activities serve the university's interest. Priority generally is given to requests from nonprofit organizations and projects supporting the mission of the university.


  1. All requests should be sent to Lincoln Vander Veen, External Affairs Manager, at or (425) 830-2448.
  2. Once approval has been granted, Marketing Communications will be responsible for working with the production company to complete the necessary paperwork and coordinate its efforts with all appropriate university offices.


The university will consider permitting the making of photographs, films and videotapes on campus for commercial non-news purposes on the basis of the following guidelines:

  1. A production will be considered in terms of its size and complexity and to what degree it might disrupt classes and other normal campus activities. Whenever possible, production should be scheduled for weekends and during breaks in the academic calendar.
  2. Anyone wishing to film on campus for commercial non-news purposes must submit in writing detailed information about the proposed project, including locations, days and hours of shooting, number of people involved in each day's shooting, type of activity to be filmed, commercial purpose and sponsor and security and safety requirements.
  3. Seattle University will prepare a contract to be signed by the production company and the university. A shoot will be considered confirmed when this contract has been signed by both parties.