Fonts and Typefaces

Seattle University employs three separate brand typefaces and one custom typeface for all printed materials. Using these four typefaces will help to ensure that all of our visual communications are consistent and engaging. By incorporating the different weights and treatments, we can achieve a wide range of effects while maintaining consistency across various communication and identity materials.

magazine spread with branded font examples

the words Neutraface 2 displayed with Neutraface 2 font

Neutraface 2

Neutraface 2 is a clean and modern sans serif typeface that is ideal for use across all printed material for the university. It incorporates a system with Text and Display options with each containing multiple weights. This allows it to be utilized for multiple purposes across the brand.

the words Neutraface Slab displayed in Neutraface Slab font

Neutraface Slab

Neutraface Slab is the equivalent to Neutraface 2 but with slab serifs which help bring a more collegiate and academic feel when used. It also incorporates a system with Text and Display options with various weights that allow it to be utilized for multiple purposes.

the word Knockout displayed with Knockout font


Knockout is a distinct typeface with a long list of weights that help bring diversity and spirit to the brand. As one of SU’s main typefaces, its many weights should be used wisely and under careful consideration either alone and when used with Neutraface 2 and Neutrface Slab. 

the word frame displayed with Frame font


Frame is a customized typeface that is meant for more experimental purposes to elevate the kinetic nature of the university brand. It is to be used for big, impactful moments, however, it must not be used extensively throughout printed collateral and never as body copy.

Please contact Marketing Communications for access to these typefaces. Note that SU has a limited number of licenenses available. Download free alternatives below.

Free Alternatives

Roboto Slab

Roboto Slab


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