Approval to Use University Content

All university content (names, logos, seals, marketing publications, stories, webpages/sites, photos, videos, images, symbols and the like) represents intellectual property and registered federal trademarks owned exclusively by Seattle University. They are to be used for university business purposes only.

Commercial Purposes

Any other use of the university's content for commercial purposes by any person or organization is prohibited without the express permission of the university. This applies to use in all forms of communications, including printed materials, Web sites and page (commercial and personal), videos, films, DVDs, CDs, television, radio, imprinted merchandise, digital and online media and the like. Seattle University vigorously monitors and protects its content from unauthorized use.

All individuals, third parties, entities and organizations that would like to use or reproduce the content must contact Lincoln Vander Veen in Marketing Communications at (425) 830-2448 or e-mail  to obtain approval. Once approval has been given, the individuals, third parties, entities and organizations are not allowed to alter, distort or deface any element of the university content.