Usage & Best Practices

When used appropriately, hashtags can be a powerful way to spread information and track activity on social media. Here are a few tips for successful hashtag use:

  • Keep it simple. Shorter is better, 100% of the time. Pick something that’s easy to guess, remember, short to type, and will have a long shelf life.
  • Limit use of event-specific hashtags. As tempting as it may be to create a new hashtag for every event, it doesn’t usually work very well. Using a hashtag that works over a long period of time will result in more activity and sharing. For example, #SUCommencement is stronger than #SUCommencement2022.
  • Use general brands and names most often. The SeattleU brand is the strongest one we have. It’s always the #1 choice when trying to figure out a hashtag to use – every single person who searches for anything related to SeattleU will see it. Consider using #SeattleU or #SeattleUAlumni or #SUAthletics rather than #SUAlumniDubai or #SUWomensBasketball. Sometimes, it will make sense to be more specific, but you’ll get the widest reach with something more universal.
  • Avoid using too many hashtags. Users want content, not a string of hashtags. Try to limit yourself to three hashtags per tweet.

Seattle University Hashtags Currently In Use

To be used frequently and freely in connection with anything relating to Seattle University. This is our general hashtag and it should be used whenever possible. Users of this hashtag may be featured on official SU social media channels. 

Used to promote Seattle U athletics, athletes, coaches and teams as well as to promote school spirit and pride.

Primary promotional hashtag for SU athletics. Use alongside anything related to athletics.

Student government initiative encouraging students to share their issues and concerns.


Used for anything related to iLead, the University’s year-long leadership training for students in positional leadership.

For all commencement-related promotions and collateral.

For anything related to the Redhawk Experience – programming, curriculum, culture, pride, student life, etc.

To be used in conjunction with the Redhawk Experience events and promotions, when we are specifically referring to items on the Bucket List or the app.

To be used in conjunction with the Seattle U Gives online giving campaign. The purpose of Seattle U Gives is to inspire community members to make a donation to the university.

An Admissions-based tag for students to use when they’re visiting campus or receiving acceptance letters.

Anything related to alumni news, events, etc.

To be used for homecoming events and news, by anyone on campus or off (athletics, student development, alumni, etc).

To be used for any events or news related to Reunion Weekend.

Used by the Center for Community Engagement and the Youth Initiative. Students, faculty, staff and alumni will be asked to use this for sharing pictures and updates about their different service activities.

An Admissions-based tag for students to use when they’re visiting campus.