Eli Voigt

Assistant Director of Digital Marketing

Phone: 206-296-6112

What do I do here at Seattle University?

I am the Assistant Director of Digital Marketing. My job is to help others feel positive about our brand and strategize better ways to digitally enhance our business while backing it up with analytics.

Past professional experiences?

SU Web Marketing Manager, Digital Media Manager at CBS Radio - Seattle, DJ in a variety of radio stations and formats for many years before.

Alma mater:

LSU and UW (I love purple)

Favorite sports teams:

Saints and Sounders

Favorite book:

I read a lot, so this changes

Favorite TV show:

This always varies

Favorite movie:

Princess Bride

Favorite vacation spot & why:

Florida or Hawaii (I love the beach and I like it hot).

Favorite hobbies:

Running, drawing, painting, and being in the wilderness.

Coffee order:

Black coffee, café au lait, and sometimes green tea.


Two cats, a guinea pig, and fish.

On a Saturday night, you'd most likely find me:

I range from being out and about, to staying home and snuggling watching a movie, or drawing.

Most unusual thing you've ever eaten:

I’m from the south, so I eat weird things often, plus I like to try everything.