DFWI Report

Report Description

This report identifies courses where a larger than average proportion of students receive incomplete grades, withdraw, or receive D or F grades. The development of this report was inspired by research on roadblocks to retention, and the notion that identifying gateway courses that present challenges to students may allow for early interventions that result in lower attrition rates. This report facilitates the identification of these courses by providing historical DFWI percentages by course, as well as other course-based information, including total class size, the total count of D/F/W/I grades, and the proportion of each of those grades separately. This report also allows the user to narrow in on particular schools or departments, classes larger than 10 in size, course level (if, for instance, only lower division courses are of interest vs. upper division courses), and instructional method group (for instance, class instruction, lab, or practicum/field experience).  

Report Pages

  • Top Classes with High DFW
  • Glossary and Release Notes

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Deep Dive

This training video explains how to use the DFWI Report to answer the questions, “Over the past three full academic years, what were the top 3 courses of highest D/F/W/I rates for classes larger than 10 at the UCOR-2000 level? What courses had the highest rate of failed (F) grades?”

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