Freshman and Transfer Retention and Graduation Cohorts Report

Report Description

This report allows the user to assess differential rates of 1st to 2nd year retention and 4- and 6-year graduation for FTIC  (first time in college-entering) students, as well 1st to 2nd year retention and 2- and 4-year graduation for TR (transfer-entering) students. This report presents information for formally defined FTFT (first time full time) freshmen entering directly out of high school, whose 1st to 2nd retention rates and 6 year graduation rates are reported to the Department of Education (IPEDS) and are used for rankings calculations by such entities as US News. This report also allows a comparison of retention and graduation rates between different demographic, academic and socioeconomic groups. For instance, if a consumer of this report was interested in how first generation in college students fare in their retention for the last 10+ years, the 1st to 2nd year retention rate is presented along with the population average in order to identify positive or negative divergences from this average. For transfers, retention and graduation rates are presented for fall/winter/spring entering transfers with or without degrees. All of these characteristics are available as slicers, which means the consumer of this report will be able to compare, if desired, retention and graduation outcomes for all of the above groups.  

Report Pages

  • FTIC Cohorts
  • Transfer Cohorts
  • Glossary and Release Notes

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This training video explains how to use the Freshman and Transfer Retention and Graduation Cohorts Report to answer the example questions and export findings as an Excel document.

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