Current and Historical Financial Aid Report

Report Description

The Current and Historical Financial Aid Budget Report allows users to view financial aid awards as they were in the past and compare historical values against active and transmitted awards. This report features a number of slicers to display award totals across a variety of different populations. The Enrolled Student Snapshot slicer panel includes things like gender, age, race, and ethnicity, all sourced from the official Enrolled Student Snapshot tables. Users can also filter by award code, type, and GL structure using the Award slicer panel.

The different report pages can be used to view historical data in different contexts, whether it be term by term, academic year, or a dynamic three year history.

Report Pages

  • Student Summary and Selection
  • Active Awards
  • UG and Not Enrolled Student Snapshot Term PiT
  • GR Term PiT
  • Full Year Point in Time
  • Dynamic 3 Year PiT History
  • Weighted Average

Report Notes

  • The financial aid data comes from the data warehouse which is refreshed daily. Fields in the enrolled student snapshot slicer panel come from 10th day data.

For more information such as page notes, a list of page slicers, and page visualizations, expand the Infographic in the Training Documents below.


Report Training

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Deep Dive

This training video explains how to use the Current and Historical Financial Aid Report to answer example questions.

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