Program Review Report

Report Description

This report contains data aligned with that requested in the program review guidelines document, and addresses the questions such as: 1) Demand for program: this report presents a 7-year trend of enrollment data for the program of interest as well as a comparative trend for the department the program is in, and the school the department is in; 2) Student admissions – a longitudinal trend of applications, admit numbers and rates, yields, and final enrollments. Similarly to the item above, the data are represented with comparison to the department and school where the program of interest is currently housed; 3) Retention and graduation as well as completions (number of degrees produced by academic year); 4) Program size and productivity, including credit generation for students majoring in a program and students who aren’t majors taking courses in the program (particularly of use to outward-facing departments which may not have a large number of majors, but who serve many students as part of core curriculum), and 5) Program faculty. Based on the feedback InformSU IR has received upon the initial release of the report, we have made changes, and will be releasing a new version of this report soon.

Report Pages

  • Glossary and Release Notes
  • Mapping - Major ARU
  • Mapping - Course Summary
  • Enrollment Measures
  • Enrolled Students Trends
  • Admission Measures
  • Application Trends
  • Undergraduate Completion Measures
  • Graduate Completion Measures
  • Course Credit Trends
  • Undergraduate Financial Measures
  • Graduate Financial Measures

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