Registration Report

Report Description

This report contains headcount and credit hour current registration information, with comparisons to budget goals as well as year-to-date (YTD) headcount and credit hour registrations for the prior year. The pages in this report provide a dashboard-level overview of registration progress as well as headcount and credit hour detail for student sub-populations.

This report represents current registration information and presents information in context of two comparisons: 1) UEC- and Board-approved budget goals for headcounts and credit hours; and 2) previous year’s year-to-date (YTD) registered headcounts and credit hours.

Report Pages

  • Academic Level Dashboard
  • Enrollment Status Dashboard
  • UG Strategic Populations Dashboard
  • GR Strategic Populations Dashboard
  • Graduate Goal Detail
  • Goal Summary
  • Student Headcount
  • Student Credit Hours
  • Headcount and Registered Credits by Department
  • Budget Program Group Mapping

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