Active Not Registered Report

Report Description

This report contains registration information about all currently active students for all currently open-for-registration terms (this is the period of time between advanced registration opening and the add/drop deadline during the term). The aim of this report is to facilitate outreach aimed at improving retention outcomes for all students. It does so by providing listings of students by registration status (not registered or under-registered) as well as information on student restrictions, graduation applications and SLOA status. This report facilitates targeted outreach to students by allowing the user to narrow their attention to by academic level, school, department, and class of students by registration status. In addition to the characteristics described above, the report provides information on students’ past registration activity, credit attainment, cumulative GPA as well as demographic and socioeconomic student characteristics.

Report Pages

  • Overview
  • Active Students
  • School Distribution
  • Class Distribution
  • Student Restrictions
  • Glossary and Release Notes

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Report Training

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Training Videos

Image for Deep Dive

Deep Dive

This training video explains how to use the Active Not Registered Report to answer the example questions and export findings as an Excel document.

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