Course Demand Report

Report Description

This report provides a comprehensive picture of course registration, historical enrollment patterns, and student-based course requirements to support course offering decisions. It aims to assist in the task of forecasting the needed number/type of course sections by demonstrating the timing of student registrations in specified courses, and showing the composition of students by admit status and year at SU in specified courses. Using these histories of students taking various classes of interest, we aim to offer a data-informed path for predictions or expectations about how many/what proportion of each class will need various course sections during an upcoming year or term. Admission data are also integrated to provide information on the size of incoming classes. There is continuing work on the projection of seats needed for future terms/years, which is expected to be a part of this report in its next iteration.

Report Pages

  • Course Registration
  • Composition in Selected Courses
  • Course Requirement Fulfillment
  • Glossary and Release Notes

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Report Training

Support Documents

Training Videos

Image for Overview


This training video gives an overview of the Course Demand Report and its report pages.

Image for Deep Dive

Deep Dive

This training video explains how to use the Course Demand Report to answer the questions, "What is the typical student composition by Cohesive Cohort year of students in a specific course? How does that typical composition compare to the past two full academic years?"

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