Term Census Report

Report Description

This report provides answers to questions concerning enrollment data in any quarter since AY2008-09 and provides trends over that time. Prior to their integration into Power BI, enrolled student term census data were primarily used as the basis for Institutional Research official reporting, including the Fall Fact Files. These data are the official 10th day census depiction of each term’s enrollment, registration, and credits generated by students. Combined with school/program/major/minor/specialization as well as demographic information, these data provide an overview of how enrollment and registration patterns change over time and across different student populations.

This report also facilitates examination of new student trends (including distinctions between freshman- vs. transfer-entering new undergraduates) at any academic level, as well as credit generation activities of students by major vs. by the department offering courses (for service departments).

The next version of this report will include ARU’s (academic reporting units) that facilitate harmonization of program movement between departments and colleges over the last eleven academic years.

Report Pages

  • Overview
  • Total Students Summary
  • Total Students Trend
  • Course Summary
  • Course Trend
  • New Students Summary
  • New Students Trend
  • Race / Ethnicity Summary
  • Race / Ethnicity Trend
  • Gender Summary
  • Gender Trend
  • Denomination Summary
  • Denomination Trend
  • International Students Summary
  • International Students Trend
  • First Generation in College Summary
  • First Generation in College Trend
  • Proportion of Full Time Students
  • Glossary and Release Notes

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Deep Dive

This training video explains how to use the Term Census Report to answer example questions and export findings as an Excel document.

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