Term to Term Retention Report

Report Description

This report depicts student’s persistence by academic program from term to term. It provides two perspectives on term to term retention: proportion retained from previous term as well as the proportion of students progressed into next term. The data in the report is updated once per term, after the 10th Day Census, except for the Registration Detail page, which is updated daily during active registration periods.

The report has three main pages. The first is Enrollment From Previous Term, which depicts the total student population enrolled in a given term as proportions enrolled from the previous term, new students, as well as students enrolling from terms not immediately preceding the previous term. The second is Enrollment in Next Term, which depicts enrollment as transition rates from the selected term in the report to the next term. It also depicts counts and proportions of withdrawn students as well as counts and proportions of students who graduate between the selected and next term. This page is particularly useful for examining graduate persistence. Finally, there is a Registration detail page, which shows daily registration numbers and percentages relative to those for selected groups from previous years.

Report Pages

  • Overview
  • Enrollment From Previous Term
  • Continuing Students Composition
  • Continuing Students Trend
  • New and Continuing Students Trend
  • Enrollment in Next Term
  • Attrition Composition
  • Registration Details
  • Decomposition Tree of Attrition
  • Glossary and Release Notes

For more information such as page notes, a list of page slicers, and page visualizations, expand the Infographic in the Training Documents below.


Report Training

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Deep Dive

This training video explains how to use the Term to Term Retention Report to answer the example questions and export findings as an Excel document.

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