Admission Funnel Report

Report Description

This report presents information for four upcoming terms for undergraduate and graduate students. This report facilitates the following examination of admissions data: 1) a YTD (year-to-date) comparison of counts of applicants of interest at every funnel stage, from inquiry to registration. This information is presented at a flexible detail level, meaning, the report user can look at funnel counts and comparisons regardless of school/college into which the student is applying, as well as get down to the school/college level, department level, and program level. The YTD comparisons and final numbers are presented for a three-year history. For instance, if the user is interested in looking at FTIC students (first time in college freshmen) applying for the fall term, they would be presented with current data on inquiries, apps, completed apps, waitlists, melt if any, among other funnel stages for the upcoming fall, as well as last year, two years ago, and three years ago YTD comparisons for all of those funnel stages. If the user is interested in looking at these data by school/college, they are able to easily access this next detailed level, and produce comparison numbers by school (or department or program) for the last three years.

This report also allows an even more deep dive into applicant subpopulation by funnel stage and school/college/department or program by allowing users to select demographic, geographic, socioeconomic or academic characteristics into which students fall (including intersections of these characteristics) and look at the funnel stage numbers of these student subpopulations. For instance, if a user of the report is interested in first-generation-in-college students from Washington state who have a certain GPA range, the user can select slicer values that allow them to identify this subpopulation and look at the app/admit/deposit numbers (as well as other funnel stages) currently as well as comparing the representation of this population with previous years.

Information about feeder schools is also presented.

Finally, financial aid information is presented by funnel stage (for admitted, deposited, and registered students). Current report development includes the ability for users to select demographic, academic and other characteristics aimed at understanding differential financial aid profiles of subpopulations of admits/deposited/registered students.

Report Pages

  • Selection & Overview
  • YTD Funnel
  • YTD Funnel Population
  • Population Summary
  • Feeder School Trends
  • Grad Summary
  • Financial Aid
  • Definitions

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This training video explains how to use the Admissions Funnel Report to answer the example questions and export findings as an Excel document.

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