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Active Reports

Image for Term Census Report

Term Census Report

This report provides answers to questions concerning enrollment data in any quarter since AY2008-09 and provides trends over that time based in each term's enrollment, registration, and credits generated by students.

Image for Admission Funnel Report

Admission Funnel Report

This report presents information for four upcoming terms for undergraduate and graduate students and allows for a YTD (year-to-date) comparison of counts of applicants of interest at every funnel stage, from inquiry to registration and across school/college level, department level, and program level. It also contains demographic, academic, geographic, and financial aid information for applicant populations.

Image for Freshman & Transfer Graduation & Retention Cohorts Report

Freshman & Transfer Graduation & Retention Cohorts Report

This report allows the user to assess differential rates of fall to fall retention and 4- and 6-year graduation for FTIC (first time in college-entering) students. It also contains retention information and 2- and 4-year graduation rates for TR (transfer-entering) students. Retention and graduation rates are differentiated by academic, demographic, and socioeconomic student characteristics.

Image for GL Financial and Activity Manager Reports

GL Financial and Activity Manager Reports

These reports contain detailed information by year and month of GL activities and by object group.

Image for Active Not Registered Report

Active Not Registered Report

This report contains registration information about all currently active students for all currently open-for-registration terms improve retention outcomes for all students by providing means of outreach to non-registered or under-registered students.

Image for DFWI Report

DFWI Report

This report identifies courses where a larger than average proportion of students receive incomplete grades, withdraw, or receive D or F grades as well as other course-based information, including total class size, the total count of D/F/W/I grades, and the proportion of each of those grades separately.

Image for Program Review Report

Program Review Report

This report contains data aligned with that requested in the program review guidelines document, and addresses the questions such as Demand for program, Student admissions, Retention and graduation, Program size and productivity, and Program faculty. It is likely to be deprecated soon and replaced with a more comprehensive report.

Image for Term to Term Retention Report

Term to Term Retention Report

This report depicts student’s persistence by academic program from term to term. It provides two perspectives on term to term retention: proportion retained from previous term as well as the proportion of students progressed into next term. The report has three main pages: Enrollment From Previous Term, Enrollment in Next Term, and Registration Detail

For Imminent Release


  • Budget Forecasting Report
  • Course Demand Report

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