L'Arche House 2011

 PWOB sees it as equally important to serve the local community as well as abroad, prompting a partnership with L’Arche Noah Sealth of Seattle. L’Arche House is an international Catholic organization which allows adults with special needs to live and work with employees and volunteers. The Seattle L’Arche House, located just a few blocks from Seattle University, was in need of several renovations to two of their assisted living spaces.

 First, the team worked in the Noah House, the primary facility for the Seattle branch. This was mostly work in the basement laundry room and the kitchen, including refurbishing the electrical system, replacing the dishwasher, repairing cabinet doors, redoing the plumbing in the basement, and making all the doors throughout the house wheelchair accessible with kick plates.

The group then moved to the Shuinota House, where their main job was replacing unsafe or non-functional outlets and light switches. The washer and dryer in this house were replaced as well, and a continuous hand rail was installed along the basement stairs to allow residents to pass up and down the stairs more safely.

PWOB felt so fortunate to work with such a worthwhile organization that we plan to continue working with L’Arche House this fall. For more information, please visit the L’Arche website




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