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Your generous donations enable us to continue working with our partner organizations in Belize, Nicaragua and Zambia.

PWOB's story began in December 2007 when a group of Seattle University Facility employees were asked to assist on a service project in Nicaragua.  Along with SU students, they re-graded an elementary school's front courtyard which was repeatedly flooding, The concept was simple: connect students with high aspirations for service work with skilled trades people (plumbers, electricians, engineers, etc.) to complete small, but substantial, projects for people in need.  Since then the same group of SU employees have taken over 30 students to serve on projects such as: 

  • Rebuilding the only road to a poor medical clinic in Jamaica.
  • Providing safe drinking water to victims of flooding in southern Washington (Chehalis and Lewis County).
  • Constructing a restroom, showers, and water for a deaf high school serving 287 students in Africa (Lusaka, Zambia).
  • Assisting with the design and implementation of a waterwheel pump for use on the Zambezi River (Chirundu, Zambia).
  • Installation of a rainwater catchment system at Liberty Children's Home in Belize. The project team also installed a security system to protect the children and assets of the orphanage.
  • Completion of infrastructure project at the orphanage Casa Padre Wasson in Jinotepe, Nicaragua.
  • Installation and repairs of several solar installations in various locations in Zambia.
  • Completion of two water systems in very remote rural locations in Zambia..

Our model works.

It is sustainable and empowers students to serve and lead sustainable service projects that help people in need. Please explore our website and Facebook page to learn more! 

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Empowering students to serve and lead sustainable service projects that help people in need.


Professionals Without Borders