Belize 2023

In March 2023, Professionals Without Borders (PWOB) travelled to Ladyville, Belize for our annual volunteer service efforts at Liberty Children's Home.

2023 Welcome

PWOB planned two big projects to complete this trip.  Dr Mike Marsolek and engineering student Ryan McGeary surveyed and measured the campus grounds to assist in providing solutions to mitigate the damage from the extensive rain water flooding. There is extensive water run-off and the drains flow at over-capacity in the winter months.  This year the overflow flooded campus walkways forcing the children to walk through water to travel to school and prohibiting outside play.  A Caribbean storm passed through causing the ditches to fill up quickly, allowing the engineering team to view problem areas.

2023 ditch

The team also cleaned up garbage and debris that were preventing the drains from flowing.

2023 garbage

PWOB is continuing to work with Liberty on reinforcing and stabilizing the drainage ditch to prevent continual erosion. 
PWOB stained the office building and the volunteer lodging buildings.  The buildings must be stained every 3 to 5 years to help prevent damage from wind and rain.   The team repaired woodpecker holes by filling cracks with construction foam and covering the holes with board.  Matt Herring repaired broken porch railings.

2023 staining

 2023 stain 2

PWOB purchased and assembled new basketball hoops for the playground.  The older boys at Liberty were very eager to assist with the project and learn how they could do future repairs.   

2023 hoops

Mike and Matt continued their work on plumbing repairs and installed an ADA shower head in the girls residential building. PWOB purchased 4 new windows for Liberty that had been damaged in tropical rainstorms.

2023 shower head


PWOB director Dawn Madore invited staff from the US Embassey in Belize to visit Liberty while we were on site.  Human Rights Officer Sydney Skov toured the grounds and Liberty Director Agatha Valentine briefed her on how Liberty is run and funded.

2023 group

Seattle University Team Belize 2023                                                      

Staff and Faculty:                                                                                                         

  • Dawn Madore – Director/Team Leader                                     
  • Joyce Allen – Co-Director                                                                 
  • Michael Mullen – Co-Director/Project Lead                                                        
  • Dr. Mike Marsolek – Student Advocate/Project Lead                                       
  • Matt Herring                                                                                    
  • Alyssa Martinez       


  • Dani Hluska
  • Ryan McGeary