Belize 2019

In March 2019, Professionals Without Borders staff and student members travelled to Ladyville, Belize for our annual  volunteer service efforts at Liberty Children’s Home. This was PWOB’s 8th trip to Liberty.  

PWOB purchased LED bulbs for every light fixture across Liberty’s compound to aid in reducing the monthly lighting bill.  DeWayne Simpson from Lights Inc. in Seattle replaced the bulbs and PWOB replaced broken light switch covers.

Liberty requested an inspirational mural be painted on the wall of the girl’s residence.  Naomi Kasumi and students designed and painted the mural based on a photo Neil had taken on his 2017 visit to Liberty.   


PWOB helped refurbish Liberty’s income providing rental property and reinforced the base of the dining hall with plastic and rocks to prevent water seepage into the cement, extending the life of the building.

     PWOB mapped out water lines, replaced broken toilets and sorted donations.


Seattle University Team Belize 2019

Staff and Faculty

  • Dawn Madore - Team Leader
  • Michael Mullen - Project Leader
  • Naomi Kasumi - Student Advocate
  • Matt Herring 
  • Debbie Black                                


  • Ashley Abel
  • Emma Federico
  • Neil Griffith
  • Amber Mirafuentos
  • Laura Mummery