Belize 2013

In 2011 and 2012, PWOB journeyed to Belize to work with Liberty Children's Home, an orphanage that currently houses 28 children who were abandoned, abused, or afflicted with HIV from the ages of four to 14 years old. This year we are proud to announce that PWOB will return to Belize in 2013 and continue its work with Liberty Children's Home.

Cal Ihler will be leading a dedicated group of students and staff members on the third PWOB trip to Belize this March. In years past PWOB has worked to install a grey water system for the orphanage, allowing them to repurpose their laundry water for use in the garden and to clean pig pens. The garden and pigs provide fresh food for the children, and are now watered and cleaned more sustainably. This year, PWOB will perform some maintenance on the grey water system and install a rainwater catchment system as well to add to the fresh water available to the orphanage. The team will also add some needed security improvements.

PWOB is thrilled to be working with Liberty Children's Home again and strengthen the friendship we have built there in the last two years. To learn more about Liberty's Children Home, please visit


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